WordPress Webmaster Services


WordPress is a free and open source project. WordPress code is open to anyone with the expertise to contribute and improve. It is a continually growing entity. WordPress websites need regular monitoring and updating in order to maintain web development standards. There are some security concerns with WordPress. All websites running on the World Wide Web are vulnerable to security issues.

In order to stay ahead of security issues, the core of WordPress, the WordPress theme, and all plugins need to be checked for updates on a regular basis. It is also wise to have a complete backup of the database and the content directory.  These backups can be stored on the server, your local machine, hard copy CD or flash drive. Currently there are a number of free plugins that can be configured to handle database backups. Free plugins can also handle various security scenarios and malware detection.

WordPress websites need to be tested on all screen sizes. Users should be able to navigate easily to wherever they want to go. Sites also need to perform well on all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc). Loading speed of the site on a browser can also lead to click off’s if too slow. Slow loading sites with broken links will also lessen page ranking.

A WordPress website needs to be indexed by search engines.

Indexing a website is basically loading your web content onto a search engine server. Once the web content is on the server the search engine spiders/crawlers can read the text and give placement for a search query. A site map of the web pages/posts also needs to be submitted to the search engines. Page titles and page descriptions need to be configured for maximum search query placement. Images need to be named correctly with alternate titles.

Without proactive measures business owners often experience lost revenue and wasted time. Website maintenance performed by a professional WordPress webmaster will give the business owner a secure feeling for being on the World Wide Web.  Currently WWW is the Wild Wild West!


Keep your site fully backed  up, have a security plugin configured, have a hosting service you can trust and have the site tested regularly. Let me know if you need help!

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