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What makes a good web design?

You have about three to five seconds to capture your visitors attention to your website. This assumes that your site with good web design loaded on the browser quickly. If not, the user will just dclick away to your competitors website (sites must load on a browser within 3 to 5 seconds). A good web design should immediately capture your visitors attention with cool graphics or attention grabbing text titles.

  The layout of the your website must say “I’m a professional website, I’m not a scam site, and somebody took a lot of time and energy to create this site.” The site should contain crystal clear images, clearly and easily readable text, and user friendly navigation. A site with a poorly designed layout will do the exact opposite. It will exude scam, a lot of BS, and a clear indication that someone didn’t care enough to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on the site. Why should the visitor spend time on your website?


A good web design must be easily navigated. It should never take the user to dead ends or endless loops. Facebook took over MySpace for this elementary tool of ease of navigation. If a user has the slightest difficulty of figuring out where to go they will simply leave the site and not return. Visitors love to explore places that are easy to find.


Creative and fresh images will encourage a visitor to spend more time on a site. They will return if they have read interesting text content. The expression “content is king” is a valid statement. This holds true with Google search rankings. Once again I want to emphasize the loading speed of the pages. Some designers overlook the basic fact that visitors are impatient and will click away in an instant! Well written WordPress code will load fast, update with ease, and will expand new content without troubleshooting issues. Google will lower your SEO page ranking for a slow loading site.

A good web design is by no means easy. It is a process that needs to be focused on obtaining results. It must sell your products or services, deliver important information, or provide interaction. Don’t forget, it’s not about you. It’s about the customer. Make their web experience enjoyable and simple by having a good web design.


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