WordPress Hosting Advice

Hosting Providers

The hosting company has a giant computer (server) that connects to databases to store all your website files. At the request of a user typing in your domain name, your files from your website domain will be sent out on the internet by the hosting company’s server. They charge an annual fee for this operation. Hosting companies also can register your domain name, offer email services associated with the domain name and offer technical support by phone or email.

The Best Case Scenario

Obtain a domain name and an email account that contains the domain name. A typical business domain name would be www.mybusiness.com and the email account would be info@mybusiness.com. This is very important so that the user visiting your website has confidence the site is professional.

Having a reliable web hosting service is absolutely critical to the success of your business. It is not uncommon for the severs to break down and your business website is no longer available on the internet. There’s no such thing as a web host with 100% up time. Choose your web host carefully as “down time” will anger your customers. With something to be said for the safety in numbers, GoDaddy hosts over 25 million websites.

One last factor is the loading time of your website when a user accesses it on the internet. If they have to wait to long for the website pages to load they will simply leave and go visit another site. You shouldn’t have to worry about your web hosting company.

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