This WordPress site was a collaboration between DA Digital Design and Chuck Post. Chuck has family ties to the Woolworth building in New York. He arranged with the building owners to be able to give lobby tours in this  famous Woolworth building. We did all of the back end work while training Chuck to help with the front end. We first set up the WordPress website with a plugin that allowed uses to book tours. We eventually outgrew this plugin and moved to a web based service that handled all the booking components. We also changed servers to handle the amount of traffic we were getting and provide necessary security. We provided all the SEO needed to be competitive with the other New York building tours (Empire State building, Met, Statue of Liberty, etc).  Woolworth tours now has a page one listing with Google.

From email:

Hi Tom –

Chuck and I are thrilled with the SEO on the Woolworth site. I am even getting calls from people trying to contact the building’s management about issues having nothing to do with the tours and they can’t find the basic info because we keep coming up!

Meanwhile, my husband has just opened a sober living house for women in Westport, CT and he really needs help with the SEO on his new website.