Difference Between Post vs Page WordPress

When a first time WordPress user logs into their dashboard they see the Posts tab and the Pages tab. Which one should they use?

wordpress dashboard

Pages are like pages in a book. They are static and don’t change unless edited. They don’t have a time stamp. You can turn to the next page for more information.

Posts are like a yard sale flyer posted on a telephone pole. They tell about a recent activity and have a time stamp. There may be other older  yard sale  posts under that one.

Lets take a look at a Post

The post is given a date/time stamp when you first click on Add New Post, add a title, and publish the post. This will bring it to the top of the posts list.post-date

Bloggers use posts to keep their readers informed of new information. The newest post will automatically go to the top of their readers list. Bloggers will design a home page to show their most recent posts.

Posts can also be placed into a specific category. Categories are made from the dashboard under the Posts tab. Placement into a category will place the post into a separate location on the website.category-2

Posts can also have a featured image. This featured image can be placed into a slider, carousel, or a specific location designated from a category.

featured-imageOn our website we use posts to build  recent work on the front page portfolio carousel.  All posts designated to appear in the portfolio section are given a specific category name.  If we want a portfolio item to appear first in the carousel we give it the newest date. For a portfolio item to appear last we change the post date to an earlier time stamp.  Posting dates are editable and can be used to your advantage.

Posts also are designed to allow a user the ability to add a comment at the bottom of the post.  This can be useful for Search Engine Optimization. On the other hand it can open a port for spammers. Post comments can be secured by security plugins. They can be controlled from the admin dashboard.


Lets take a look at Pages

This page you are viewing  is a page. This is static information that won’t change. It can be edited but is not time sensitive. An About page or a Contact page are also good examples. A  home page can be configured to show  a number of most recent posts.

Pages can be given a template that is pre-designed by the WordPress theme. The default template usually has a sidebar that will list additional pages, most recent posts or other URL links. Pages also can be placed into drop down menus that have the Page Attribute.


Summary of Post vs Page

Use a WordPress page when static non-changing information is required. Use a WordPress post when the information is time sensitive and changing. The newest post will automatically be placed in front. Subsequent posts will be placed according  to date with the oldest being last.

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