Basic Search Engine Optimization Explanation


I’m going to start off with a brief technical explanation for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). First and foremost Google needs to know that your site exists. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to start a Google Webmaster account, submit a site map, and tell Google to index your site. Once this is done the crawlers (bots, spiders, what ever you want to call them) will start reading your content. Google loves fresh, organic text content and quality links. Google will reward you with placement on a search query page.

Optimizing your website is basically making Google (and all search engines) understand what keywords you are targeting, what products and services you are selling, and where you sell them. This alone will not get you on the first page of a Google search query. 

How do you get to the top of the list?

To get to the top of the Google search query page results (page one)  is by building  Authority.  Authority makes sure Google knows that you have the best content for their users. The way that you build Authority is by creating such compelling content that people are sharing it across social networks and linking to the content from across the internet. Google will take a look at this linked content and see that so many people are linking and sharing this content that it must be great! As a result Google will rank your website higher in the search engine results.

The website content needs to be written specifically for your target audience. Show that you or your company are the top authority in your field of expertise. Have other highly respected sites add links to your site. Social media like Twitter and Facebook accounts also add to climbing the list. Google is like a quality control agent that only lets the best on the list.

Pay Per Click Ads

PPC ads are a good place to start off SEO once your site is set up and being crawled by the search engines. These ads are easy to set up (Google Ads) and offer great utilities for tracking results. You can write your own ads, determine the geographical location of where the ads will appear, and control the amount of money you want to spend.

There are three basic sections on a Google search query results page. The top shaded area generally contains a couple of high price paid for ads. To the right hand side column are the Pay Per Click Ads which any site owner can buy. To the left hand side are the organic listings. The organic listings are free and go to the most respected and authentic websites. It is similar to a social ladder where the president of the US would be at the top of the list. He is dripping with authority.

One last comment

loading-iconLoading time of your web pages is critical.  A slow loading website looses visitors in a hurry. Google may also deduct your placement on a search query result for slow loading times.  Just recently Google has been rewarding websites with upgraded Search Engine Optimization that have an SSL certificate attached to the domain.

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