Thomas Arrington

  • Web development & graphics – owner DA Digital Design

Thomas spent  more than 3 decades building and running successful Bay Area businesses including Bay Arborist and TRA Goldsmith.  Now he’s set his sights on DA Digitial Design, a web and graphic design service.  DA Digital Design is a team of talent that gives you  the best of the digital world.


Deborah Arrington

In between writing business plans, press releases, and website content, Deborah finds pure joy in running miles and miles over the mountainous terrain of the East Bay parks and writing short memoir-style contributions to her favorite magazine, The Sun. Deborah resides in El Sobrante with her husband, daughter, lovable but mischievious pitbull, and 4 chickens.

Alyssa Baraly

  • Facebook marketer

With a background in sales, marketing, and customer service, Alyssa specializes in creating Facebook/Instagram marketing plans. She has an affinity for establishing strong personal connections with clients and is a wiz at driving traffic and generating conversions.  She will help you hone in on powerful branding while zeroing in on your ideal audience through various marketing techniques including social media, optimization, split testing, retargeting to reach new customers, and rebranding.

Antonio Torricelli

  • WordPress plugin developer

Web programmer with over 8 years of Web Development and Web Services experience. Skills: Web Servers (Apache, Nginx), Web Protocols, Linux / Windows Server Management, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, AVS, Custom CMSs, PHP, Javascript, Web Scrapping, Regular Expressions, among others.

Tom Guiney

Tom Guiney spent 15 years working in New York and has been in the Bay Area since 2012. He has experience from all types of shoots, from fashion to reality TV, industrials to narrative, commercials to music videos. Conviction Films focuses on corporate marketing and branding videos at this time.